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Gary Hewitt (UK)


Not George Michael again. I can’t stand this tune. Still, got to admit, he could hold a note or two. The two of us loved the tune back then. I remember how we ‘bumped’ into each other. It makes me cringe when I think back to my first words to her. ‘Sorry, darling, but I was so stunned by your drop-dead gorgeous looks I never noticed the puddle on the floor.’ It’s true. I used those words. Nat took the piss out of me many times after that. Corny worked though. George was crooning when she agreed to go out with me. Hearing him sing takes me back to November 12th, 1986. The onset of our initial introduction, the exterior of a dirty burger bar. The usual followed, wining, dining, love, movies, drinking and love, lots of love. Eighteen months passed. We discussed the ‘M’ word. We conquered the registry…