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Matthew Roberts


She was full of energy, youth radiating from her perfect olive bronzed skin. The young lady was barely 20 years old. Her Chanel silk dress poured black cloth over her body. Energetic, sexy and full of life, exactly how every young person should be, but often are not. The man she was with was in his late 40s, brown salt and pepper hair, still in very good physical shape; I noted the only ring on any of his fingers was a golden pinky ring on his left hand, with the family insignia engraved upon it. Impeccable 3-piece light grey suit. The sound of their zest for life from the table was at a polite level. Plates of select meats, cheeses and fruit came and went, along with the bottles of fine wine. I finished my dessert, read part of my novel – ‘A Very Private Gentleman’. The espresso came to…