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Luthan Gangmei


The Royal Garden could fit an entire nation. The hills, the valleys, the fields, the ranches, no one could tell where the garden ended. The benevolent King had opened the gates to all. For his beloved Queen he had made a private garth at which she could look from her window and her balcony, laden with fresh blossoms at all times. With hardly a year left Queen Mudan looked at the trees and shrubs covered with blossoms of every color of spring. She clutched her flat belly and desired for life to bloom in her. Her solitary was short lived. Her first-maid, Merida, walked in to inform the queen of a surprise visit by her family. “My Queen, there was no communication in advance. I’m afraid we have not made the necessary arrangements. I have just informed the housekeeper. There would not be any delay, Ma’am,” Merida bowed her head…