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Sweta Samaddar


“And then the group of students followed the source of noise. Something in their hearts told them the source of the noise was not among the normal noises one should hear in the night in a forest. But brave since they were, they followed on when suddenly something sprung from behind…. AAAA!!” The doorbell rang. Everybody started and resumed their calm. It was raining heavily outside, the perfect eerie atmosphere one needs to build up for a horror story. Sandy stood up and reached for the door. “Grandpa, you almost gave us a heart attack. Now come in.” Sandy helped his old grandpa get the umbrella while it dripped water. The night sky was occasionally getting lit up furiously followed by a tremendous sound of lightening a few seconds later. Sandy’s grandfather, Professor Tonks, was a retired History professor from St. Xavier’s university. Even at this age the old man…