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Pallav Gogoi


The man who will be probably known for his imagination for generation departs leaving behind a priceless legacy. Stan Lee – the co-creator of Spider-man, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man, the X-Men, Thor, and 100 other superheroes and villains is one of the greatest comic book writers of our time. The characters created by him are immortalized through movies, TV series, and video games. His immense contribution to the comic book universe will be revered through generations. Stan Lee’s death has created a huge, gaping void in the creative world. A vast majority of us have gushed over Stan Lee’s brilliant cameos in the Marvel movies. In one of the interviews, he jokingly tells the journalist how people wait for his cameos more than the film. From creating popular comic book characters to reviving the comic industry, Stan Lee’s contribution to contemporary culture is just unrivaled. He…