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Ravi Kanchan Bhengra


Aruhi wasn’t sure if she heard it right when the class teacher called out her name. She was sure her father had paid the school fees for the month. The class teacher of Third Standard, Section A,had been calling out names of the students who hadn’t paid the school fees in the past three months. The students were asked to stand outside the classroom in the corridor with their schoolbags. “But my father had paid the fees for the month,” said Aruhi turning to Vaneetha who sat beside her. “No, he might not have. That’s why class teacher called your name,” said Vaneetha. Aruhi frowned a little at Vaneetha for not believing her. She decided to change her seat away from Vaneetha. But for the moment, she was forced to pick her schoolbag and get out of the classroom. She almost reached the door, when she turned around and walked…