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Santhosh Komaraju


That evening, Chora exited the house, fuming to such an extent that he would soon burst if no efforts were made to cool his psyche. The steamy conversation between him and his elders that ended moments ago formed a catalyst to ignite this long-overdue fire in him. Since both sides blamed each other for this rift, no one could come to an agreement about how to end it. It had almost broken the cords, especially between Chora and his father, and they may never get re-attached. Being the eldest of the three, Chora was obligated to carry on their family legacy, which was greatly recognized by the locals. When he reached maturity, destiny routed him toward a direction contrary to that which his family intended. He got pleasure in stealing possessions from his pals, starting as early as his boyhood days. The passion that began with meager items gradually transformed…