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Sameena Farzana


Chandru’s POV: 9 am: “Ugh… It’s morning… again,” I thought to myself, lying on my bed, while the sun flares hit my eyes. Sometimes I hate these days, humid days, people bustling around, and all that human contact I have to face is just horrible. Nights are way better. Just imagine, no days, just nights, beautiful nights with synthetic lights that shine bright. Wouldn’t it be exotic? Okay… time to get off the bed, before mom yells. “Chandru, it’s nine in the morning, the perfect time to get off your bed” Mom yelled. Like seriously, I was just about to do that. “The clock in my room works just fine, mom” I screamed. “Que milagro! Verte despertarte tan temprano.” Mom’s voice exhilarated. Do not panic, it’s just my mom showing off her Spanish skills, which she learned from her colleagues. 12:30 pm: Tranquillity… is something I need right now, why…