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The glistening, golden sand clings to your bare feet as you tread through it towards the border where the sparkling, blue-green water buffets the coast. A few feet from the water, green algae lie scattered like wind-tossed hay.

A cool breeze blows from the east showering the banks with a light mist of salty spray. Seagulls glide and hover as they search for a vacant spot to alight. There are purple and pink bubbles lying just below an inch of sand. They have the appearance of slightly deflated balloons and are known as jellyfish.

The thundering roar of the ocean can be heard along the many miles of coastline. As you plunge into the cool watery depths, you feel the soothing lull of the tide tugging and tossing about. In the distance, you can discern the many different boats cruising in the water. There are oil tankers, yachts, speed boats, and windsurfers.

On the crowded beach, fringed with palm trees, there are multitudes of women in brightly colored bikinis, basking in the brilliant, sweltering rays of the hot, glaring sun. Small children playing near the water are busy making their own lopsided, disfigured versions of sand castles. A few bronze, muscular men are jogging along the edge of the water looking at the women as they pass by.

There is the unmistakable smell of coconut oil as young couples rub the warm oil all over themselves and each other.

A slightly pudgy woman in her mid-sixties is stooping over to pick up some shell that looks pretty.

A lone lifeguard wearing a white beach hat, dark black sunglasses, and sunscreen on his nose, sits high in his watchtower under the shade of an umbrella as he scours the ocean with his eyes, searching for anyone who might be a weak swimmer or someone who might have a cramp or may be drowning.

An amateur volleyball game is in practice, as people of all ages join in on the fun by trying to hit the ball over the net with their hands or fists so that the team on the other side will not be able to return it.

People who brought coolers of something to cold to drink, search to the very bottom for their favorite flavor of soda and for something good to eat.

The cool water of the shower stand feels refreshing as the water rinses the sticky, salty sweat and sand from your hair and cleanses your skin.

The sounds of traffic on the busy highway behind the beach fill the air as people driving by honk at some scantily clad stranger that looks appealing. There is the occasional loud, wailing siren of a speeding ambulance going by.

The sky is a colorful sight to behold. It is the color of robin’s eggs, with colossal billowy clouds that look like mounds of pure white cotton candy.

There are two low-flying planes with banners that fly across the sky every hour as they advertise teeny bikini contests, happy hour, food buffets, and free t-shirts.




Lorraine Price is an author, book coach, proof reader and also edits manuscripts. She is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States.

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