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I remember new beginnings,
I recall each searing end
but the middles, oh the middles,
those I’d truly recommend.

The start of a love thing
is all passion, hope and burn,
so much wonder in each shy glance
and much more remains to learn.

The end of a love thing
is all sorrow, loss and pain
oh so sorrowful and tragic
when it happens once again.

But the moments in the middle
when love spreads its cherished wings
are like gifts bestowed upon us;
they are life’s most blessed things.

Dawn Sinclair

Dawn Sinclair has been creatively writing most of her life and is a published poet, novelist and, for the last few years have been a lyricist working with dozens of composers, musicians, artists in many, many genres. Her finished songs number more than 260 and many of these have been distributed on CDs. . Her 2 novels, Children of Hamelin and The Eternal Question are published online by Amazon Kindle, also available in paperback through Amazon under her full name Theresa Dawn Sinclair.

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