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Ranjit Kulkarni


On a wet, gloomy, rainy morning, when the alarm rang, Supriya snoozed it again. She pulled the blanket over her ears. A few more snoozes followed. Her eyes sensed a streak of mild sunlight peeping into her bedroom from the window curtains. Though the sun was not seen, that small ray of light on the dark morning was enough for Supriya to open her eyes. The thundering clouds and the sound of rain water pitter-pattering on her window sill did not let her sleep. She saw her husband snoring next to her and envied him. She glanced at the watch to check the time again. The doorbell would ring soon. It did as expected. Supriya ambled along her living room and opened the door. It was her maidservant. She picked up the wet newspaper lying on the water puddle outside the door and walked inside. “Where is the milk?” Supriya…